Visual Reporting and Visual Presentations

Visual Reports are very well suited as a means of describing a meeting. The usual written accounts of these sorts of gatherings often consist of texts that are not very accessible. As a result many people don’t get around to reading them (though it does depend on the sort of gathering in question).

Visual Engineer offers people in your organization the opportunity to learn how to prepare Visual Reports. For people with little or no experience in drawing and creativity this is mainly done by use of formats: a combination of visual metaphors, icons and key words/phrases by means of which we teach individuals to create visual reports.

Visual Presentations are presentations of a project or project concept, varying from, for example, a scientist’s research project to, on the other hand, a sustainable tourism project. By use of a visual presentation it is possible to present a project in a clear and attractive visual manner. So a Visual Presentation is not a work of art, but rather, a visually attractive rendering of information, one advantage being its catchy visual attraction, as well as how it can provide quick and clear insight into the steps involved in a project, or the anticipated effects of a project, as well as any collateral pathways that may be involved. Ideal for learning how to present your project(s) yourself. It helps you to tell the story of your plan.