Storytelling for companies or organizations
Storytelling can have a major impact. It can make for successful leadership, it can inspire and it can attract and hold your customers, but also your employees, collaborating organizations and business partners. Which is why Visual Engineer writes stories for companies and institutions.
These days it is very important for any organization or company to stay in contact with their audience, customers and partners, to remain relevant and present to them. And yet often it is just this essential know-how that is lacking in some organizations and companies. Visual Engineer can help you inspire your audience with great stories, but can also add a visual aspect, or even come up with a story that consists of visual elements, combined with a text. A lively combination of image and text. And significant, gathered from a wide variety of sources. As well as delving into the realm of imagination. But in addition, drawing from the information about your company or organization we have received from various sources (such as social media, any customer contact center you may have or certain Google Tools, for example). Or from information about current developments within the field or sector in which your company or organization is active.
These stories can be a way of adding value for customers and partners, (by providing practical tips about an appropriate subject in this context, for instance) thus building authority and affinity for your company or organization.

Storytelling for individuals
We at Visual Engineer believe in the power and magic of stories; we cherish their magic, developing mastery in writing them. Stories that you can then tell others - individually, or in your capacity as leader, manager, trainer or project leader. A tool in expanding your influence. A way of developing a more multifaceted repertoire.
You, of course, are the one who decides whether you want text alone or the addition of some visual element. And the use of “soundscape” - a tune, a jingle, an auditory trademark - may give your text additional power to draw attention to your product or services.