The staff of Visual Engineer have language sense - but in addition - they know how to use words to get people and markets moving. Not merely by carefully providing information. But by creating, in addition, a certain feeling, mood or atmosphere we can make your product or services irresistible – compelling! So when you choose to work with us you choose effective communication – because today demand for products and services is increasingly eclipsed by (the creation of) preferences and choices.
We create this irresistible quality also by what we can add to our texts. For example, we offer a combination of a slogan and a jingle (an auditory trademark), the combination of a slogan and a trademark (cartoon, illustration, logo), or an engaging text with a jingle – an auditory trademark or logo. But of course, a stand-alone text is also possible.

After consultation with you, the client, we select a strategy that will lead to a custom-made text, and any possible additions you desire that meet your specific needs, providing the right tone (or undertone) most well-suited to your target group.
This tone may be subtle, playful or informative. Factual, business-like or suggestive of a certain feeling and perspective. Whatever the case may be, the result for you will be eye-catching – it will get and hold your customers’ attention, it will make them want to use your products or services.

Interested? Contact us today for an initial offer, free of charge!