Y.V.M Yves Vroemen Music:

The copywriter Eric Simons composed the text for my website, starting with my ideas to come up with a final text that represents my business very well.

He employed precision in their use of terminology, sentence construction and the emotion underlying my texts. After only a short intake conference Eric Simons promptly understood what Yves Vroemen Music wanted and he was able to provide the perfect, custom-made result we sought.

The size and layout of the website was considered; this gave rise to interesting, well-constructed, informative businesslike texts, texts that express with subtlety the unique kind of service I provide - the composition of a work that takes into consideration - and is sensitive to - the need for a piece in which feelings are very important. Precisely the delicate subjects my work addresses made this a difficult job. Eric handled language in an inspirational way, chose the right words, the correct words, with an empathy appropriate to the context. And they provided us with a prompt result. In short, an exceedingly agreeable and professional experience.

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