Observation-based drawing

Drawing based on close observation is one way of perceiving the reality before us, then expressing that in a drawing, whether in miniature renditions, or in charcoal using large gestures.

‘Observation-based drawing’ techniques help develop a foundation in the skills needed by those who have greater ambition in the field of the visual arts or illustration. Insight into spacial relations, distances and proportions you learn through close observation is essential if you are working toward greater competence in other forms of visual art, drawing or illustration.
A variety of approaches are available to build these skills:

  • Training in observing the reality before you and expressing it in a sketch.
  • Practice making both small- and large-scale drawings and using a variety of materials and media.
  • Giving visual expression to what is perceived, chiefly from a technical perspective: distances, proportions, shadow, etc.
  • Working from a posture of openness and from a place of wonder. And here as well, the spacial relationships and technical aspects remain important, but give you the chance to fill in how you experience the reality you perceive, by use of color, or light and dark, for example.